Table Tennis coaching classes in Bangalore

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Bangalore Clubs

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Table Tennis coaching classes in Bangalore for beginners and adults

Most of the clubs listed above cater to all ages ranging from kids to beginners to adults. If you are looking for suggestions send us an email at and we will connect you to coaches in your area.

Table Tennis coaching for kids in Karnataka

Most coaches start training kids as early as 6 years old. Here is a video of a seven-year-old kid being trained by a coach in Bangalore. It is recommended to find a coach that focuses on the techniques for beginner kids as it is very important for their game development.

Looking for Table Tennis playing partners in Bangalore?

Please email us your the details at We will post it on our list and ask people nearby to connect with you for playing.

Where to buy Table Tennis equipment in Bangalore

Please email us the details of rubbers, blades or what you are looking for at We will negotiate with the sellers and find the right prices

Upcoming tournaments

Table Tennis Federation of India

If you want to play in Corporate tournaments, Karnataka state ranking tournaments or open tournaments, Let us know and we will send you the tournament details.