Optimize your Table Tennis training for maximum learning

Jan 7, 2017

You may be a basement player, play at your office, play at a club for fitness or play competitive table tennis. One thing is common among all types of players. We want to get better at the game every day.

In an ideal world, we will have a great coach to take care of our techniques, a fitness trainer for table tennis related fitness, a sports psychologist to for mental fitness, practice partners with different styles and above all a sponsor to take care of our goal.

Unfortunately, the most we have access to are a few videos on the correct techniques and limited time for practice and maybe some of the players have access to a coach for probably 10-15 minutes in one session, some of the players have trouble finding someone to play with regularly.

In these cases how do you get better? There are some http://pingskills.com great http://ttedge.com resources http://tabletenniscoaching.com/ on the web to help you with improving your game. We hope to complement these resources to help table tennis players reach their goals.

So what is the intention of these posts?
We have been fortunate to work with many brain researchers and neuropsychologists for our brain fitness website and apps on iOS and Android. We get access to some research papers and courses like learning how to learn that may be beneficial to improve our training. We wanted to create a resource that translates these studies to our daily table tennis drills and practice.

Train your brain using Brainturk.com or any of the apps given below.

As they say, "Self-awareness is the first step to improvement" . There are things to discover every day about things around us, ordinary things, that you just have to look at them with a different set of eyes and a different perspective. I hope these posts will provide you with some insights, and we can explore ways to train smarter with the resources available to us.