FAQ's about buying table tennis equipment in Bangalore

Where do the players buy Table tennis equipments in Bangalore?

There are 80 + companies dealing in International table tennis equipments around 1800 + different kinds of ping pong paddles and around 900+rubbers. Given all, this is the most frequently asked question.

The regular players who play competitive table tennis need to change rubbers frequently. While most of the players buy it online from Amazon.in or one of the many online stores in their countries, majority of the Indian players do not prefer buying equipments online. They buy it from local dealers who give them a better price and also assemble the bats for them.

Can I order table tennis equipment online from other countries?

Yes, you can order online from Europe or other parts of Asia. But be wary that you might have to pay additional customs fees in case the customs official inspect your package. There have been instances of this happening. The best option is to ask someone coming from other places to bring it with them.

What are the most popular table tennis equipments used by players in Bangalore?

While a lot of different rubbers and blades are used by players and it is difficult to get the complete details, we conducted a survey some time back and here are the results:

What are some of the economical table tennis bats for beginners?

While you get table tennis bats online starting from Rs.200, We suggest that you buy standard equipment with which you can impart speed/spin and enjoy the table tennis game. It is best to buy from a local dealer and get rubbers and blade assembled from them, Here are some of the recommendations:

What is the cost of Table Tennis tables in Bangalore?

There are some choices available, and the price of table tennis tables in Bangalore starts from 10000. It is better to go for Stag, Joola or donic tables. A good table that is used in tournaments costs Rs. 30000+.
Stag Championship Table Tennis Table
Stag Sleek Model Table Tennis Table

If you are looking to buy table tennis equipments in Bangalore or having questions of the type of rubbers to use or about best professional table tennis racket then write to us at postmaster@tabletennismatch.com, and we will connect you with local suppliers and also advise on the equipment based on your style of play.