Find out how a ladder format works in . Create your own ladder format and challenge other players to matches

Ladder Tournament in Table Tennis

What is a Ladder format?

It is an extended tournament that can go on for a long time (maybe 1-2 months ). This is beneficial to players who can schedule the matches as per their convenience and location.

How does a ladder format work?

When you create a tournament, you specify it as a ladder format. Once the players register they are placed in a single group. Each player can challenge another player . The player who challenges can specify the date, time, and location . The other player can either accept the challenge or propose a different time. Once both players accept the challenge they play their match and update the scores. The winner gets three points and the loser gets 1 point.

Who wins the tournament?

It depends on how the organizer wants to do it. One simple way is that at the end of a specified date the player with the highest point wins the tournament. Another way to do it is at the end of a specified date the top four players play a knockout format and the winner is chosen.

Great! I want to conduct my own ladder tournament, how do I start it?

Download the app from

Table Tennis Match and Table Tennis Match

Open the App and follow the below directions:

  • * Go to Tournament Manager and create a tournament
  • * Specify tournament type as a ladder
  • * Add the events
  • * Publish Tournament
  • * Ask friends to download the Table Tennis Match app and register to the tournament

How to Register for a Ladder Tournament and Challenge someone?

Follow the below steps on the App

  • * On the App's homepage, click the 'Up-coming Tournaments' tab
  • * Select a Ladder Tournament
  • * Sign-Up for the interested Events
  • * Goto the side Menu and click 'My Evenets' link
  • * Click on the Registered Ladder Tournament
  • * Select the Event
  • * You will see the list of Players and 'Challenge' button next to them
  • * Click 'Challenge' and pick the proposed location