Ma Long - World No. 1

Ma Long is arguably one of the best two winged looper in the history of the game. After winning Junior and youth championships for China, Ma Long broke into the ITTF Pro tour at 17 years. In the Final of 2005 German open against Samsonov, at 3 games all and 6-6 there was a faint edge favoring Samsonov which the umpire did not notice, MA Long to his credit advised the umpire that the ball had touched. SAMSONOV and the crowd applauded the teenager; it was a magnificent display of sportsmanship from the young Ma who would go on to rule the Table tennis world.

Picture by courtesy of the ITTF

What equipment does ma long use?

While there is no official statement, this information is gathered from Ma Long fans around the world who look at pictures to figure out what type of equipment is used by Ma Long.

Current racket setup


Blade: W968 (W968 is a non-commercial version specially designed for Ma Long Commercial version available in the market is Hurricane Long V.)

Forehand: Hurricane 3 neo national blue sponge 41 degree

Backhand: Hurricane 3 neo national orange sponge 37 degree

Shoes: Mizuno


Blade: DHS Hurricane Long 5

Forehand: DHS Hurricane 3 NEO National blue sponge (black)

Backhand: Tenergy 05 (red)


Blade: DHS PG-7

Forehand: DHS NEO Hurricane 3

Backhand: Butterfly Tenergy 05

what club does ma long represent?

In the Chinese league he plays for Ningbo club

Training Schedule

In an interview given Ma Long listed his training schedule

7:00 am Wake up and have breakfast

9:00 to 10:40 Technical training

One hour of Physical training after technical training


3:15 to 6:00 pm second training ( sometimes overtime goes on to 7:00 pm)

Treatment if required

Ma Long's Technique analysed

Technique PDF