Table Tennis X ( TTX )

A time bound format of table tennis that takes the excitememt of the regular game and amplifies it within a time limit

How to play?

The rules are simple - here's a quick snapshot!

1. TTX is time-bound. A single set is 2 mins long. Play a best of 3 sets or however long you want to.

2. No rules for how to serve, so freestyle it and serve it your way. The ball just needs to touch your side of the table once, before going over the net.

3. Scoring works just like regular table tennis but with a few fun additions.

Score a point when your opponent serves incorrectly or fails to return your ball. And to make it even more fun, score extra points with:

Each player has one chance per set to shout 'wildcard' before a serve. If they win the subsequent play, they score 2 points instead of 1.

If a player returns or serves a ball the opponent doesn't touch at all, they score 2 points instead of 1.

If a player scores a winner on the wildcard ball, they win 4 points!