Olympic 2016 Table Tennis Live Updates

Olympics Table Tennis Live Updates

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Mens singles draw

Table tennis mens singles draw

Womens singles draw

Table tennis womens singles draw

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Olympics Mens Table Tennis Gold medal match videos

Here are video's of medalists in the previous Olympics

London 2012 Table tennis finals - Men's

Zhang Jike vs Wang Hao

Winner: Zhang Jike

London 2012 - Mens Team finals

China vs Korea

Winner: China

2008 Beijing Men's finals

Wang Hao vs Ma Lin

2004 Athens Men's singles finals video

Wang Hao vs Ryu Seung Min

Winner: Ryu Seung Min ( KOR)

2000 Sydney Olympic TT Men's final

Kong Linghui vs. Jan-Ove Waldner

Winner: Kong Linghui (CHN)

1996 Atlanta

Liu Guoliang Vs Wang Tao

Winner: Liu guoliang

1992 Barcelona

Jan-Ove Waldner(SWE) vs Jean-Philippe Gatien(FRA)

Winner: Jan ove Waldner

1988 Seoul

Table tennis was introduced for the first time in Olympics

Yoo Nam Kyu Vs Kim ki Taek

Winner: Yoo Nam-Kyu

Olympics Womens Table Tennis Gold medal match videos

2012 London

Li Xiaoxia vs Ding Ning

Winner: Li Xiaoxia

2008 Beijing Women's singles

Winner: Zhang Yining

Video Link not available

2004 Athens Women's singles

Zhang Yining vs Kim Hyang-Mi (PRK)

Winner: Zhang Yining (CHN)


2000 Sydney Olympic Table Tennis Women's finals

Wang Nan vs Li Ju

Winner: Wang Nan (CHN)

1996 Atlanta

Deng Ya Ping vs Qiao Hong

Winner: Deng Yaping (CHN)

1992 Barcelona

Deng Yaping (CHN) vs Hyun Jung Hwa (South Korea)

Winner: Deng Yaping (CHN)

Video Link not available

1988 Seoul

Chen Jing vs Li Huifen table tennis

Winner: Chen Jing (CHN)